• A guided meditation designed to help you become aware of the wandering nature of your mind and to be able to observe rather than fight, or try to stop, your thinking. There is a 10-minute and a 20-minute version. Want to test it? Listen to the sound snippet below. © Neil Bierbaum & Dr Colinda Linde 2017. All rights reserved. MP3 format - download file size: 7MB + 14MB Download using Mac/PC & sync to iTunes to listen on your smartphone.
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  • The Practical Mindfulness printed book brings together everything that is taught in the live and online programs—and more! Module 1 is unpacked through five chapters. Modules 2 through 6 each get a chapter of their own. Its 242 pages are  jam-packed with clearly marked scientific references, key concepts, real-life examples, exercises to do while reading, and uniquely crafted meditation and other practices to save for later. As with the program, it takes the best of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and ontological coaching and presents them through a classical mindfulness lens. The authors are specialists in these fields with decades of experience between them. It's the perfect accompaniment to the program and, what's more, it's a book, so you can mark it up, carry it around, and have it at the ready to flip through quickly and easily. It can be your best friend! Order today and we'll ship your copy to you. See below for collection and delivery options. 
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