• Online Course | Module 6 : Authentic Being & Relating Discover (or re-cover) some key Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), coaching and mindfulness-based practices. Learn how to combine them with the mindfulness-based practices your learned in Modules 1 through 5 in a way that will enable you redefine your understanding of authenticity—and of the possibilities for your own definition of self and your way of being in and relating to the world. This online study program covers all the content of the live program and more! It includes excerpts from the book, plus exercises that are unique to this format! It's easily accessible via laptop or mobile phone. There are short videos, plus readings which can also be played as audio tracks. Likewise, written exercises are given, with instructions that are also available in audio format. You'll have ongoing access to the material once you've signed up for the course, which means being able to watch the videos as refreshers and use the guided meditations for your ongoing regular practice. What are you waiting for? Wherever you are, is the entry point!
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