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Research shows that 25% of employees in South Africa have been diagnosed with depression. Many of these report having too many competing priorities and not knowing how to cope, plus increasing complexity and anxiety about the future. 

The key to performance in a world of complexity is knowing how to simplify!

In the video below, Practical Mindfulness co-founder Dr Colinda Linde talks about the ways in which Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and the school of Behaviourism in general, has recognised and embraced mindfulness as a key enhancer to its own processes.

Support your people to develop mindfulness-based practices that suit their busy lifestyles and which can enable them to remain calm, stay focused and make the best decisions in any situation!

Our corporate program consists of a series of six two-hour nano-sessions, run fortnightly, for groups of 25-40 at a time.  

With the Practical MindfulnessTM Program your people will:
Learn simple a method to focus their attention in a relaxed manner;
Learn to read situations accurately and make clear decisions based on what matters;
Find the clarity and confidence to remain calm no matter what’s going on around them;
Develop the time and space to think clearly, even when under pressure.

Format: 6 x two-hour nano-sessions delivered live (group size 25-40) 

1 Introduction to Practical Mindfulness
2 Emotion Regulation
3 Stress & Building Resilience
4 Complexity and Decision-Making
5 Presence & Flow for High Performance
6 Authentic Being & Relating

A white-labelled version of the online program is available on a subscription basis. Contact us for a password to gain access to the demo page.

Click here for more detail on the module outcomes. 

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