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The entire Practical Mindfulness program is available online!

Yes, that’s right! All six modules can be done at a time and place that suits you!

The online study program covers all the content of the live program and more! It includes excerpts from the book, plus exercises that are unique to this format!

Here’s is this week’s sample video from the course, which is from Module 5 and features Neil introducing the subject of Flow (and yes, if you keep checking back you’ll find more, plus, if you go to the Courses page and click on each course, you’ll find some lessons are available for a free preview!):

It’s easily accessible via laptop or mobile phone. There are short videos, plus readings which can also be played as audio tracks. Likewise, downloadable written exercises are given, with instructions that are also available in audio format.

You’ll have ongoing access to the material once you’ve signed up for the course, which means being able to watch the videos as refreshers and use the guided meditations for your ongoing regular practice.

Each module is a separate course and consists of between ten and 14 lessons. Each lesson consists of a video introduction (sometimes two), followed by downloadable documents that feature reading(s) and/or written exercise(s). There are audio versions of the downloadable documents so you can listen to the reading instead, if that’s your preferred style.

Lessons are between 20 and 40 minutes in length, depending on how fast you read and how fully you engage in the exercises. Videos are mostly about 5 minutes long; some are shorter, and a couple are about 15 minutes long. Total length of time that you’ll spend on each module is therefore about 3 to 5 hours. You’ll be able to break that down into shorter 40-minute or one-hour sessions.

There are two guided meditations, one of 10 minutes and one of 20 minutes, which you will have continued access to once you’ve completed Module 1.

If you go to the Courses page and click on each course, you’ll find some lessons are available for a free preview!

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Click here for more detail on the module outcomes.

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