The Stuff

Welcome to the Practical Mindfulness “Stuff” page. 


practical mindfulness sensation meditationThis is your portal to all good things mindful. There are audio recordings of the live modules, and PDF notes to accompany those recordings. You can also get guided audios of all the meditations taught on the program. Then of course there’s the Practical Mindfulness book, as well as the online version of the entire course, currently being rolled out (October through November 2018).

Keep checking back as we’ll be adding further modules and masterclass recordings, as well as some mindfulness tools like a mandala colouring-in book and snazzy engraved silver pendants and bracelets.

Access all the stuff through the links below:  

Shop | This is where you can purchase The Book; Live Recordings; Session Notes; Guided Audio Meditations; and your Online Course Modules

Bookings | This is where you’ll book for live workshops.

Courses | This is where you’ll access your online courses, once you’ve purchased them via the Shop page. To access your courses, you’ll also need to create an account, which you can do when purchasing.