Lesson 2 | The Origins & Benefits of Mindfulness

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This lesson is in two parts. The theme is The Origins & Benefits of Mindfulness

Part 1

This is an audioslide about the origins and benefits of mindfulness. By watching this you will gain an important insight into one of the most important sources of modern-day mindfulness. It also contains some important references to scientific research that will be used throughout the program.

Item 2.1 | Key Concept: The Origins & Benefits of Mindfulness

Part 2 

When you’ve watched the video, please take the time to read and/or listen to the additional information below.  The information in these readings / audio* clips will be referred to later on in the program, so it will become important and valuable to have covered these as references.
NOTE All PDF downloads have an audio version as well. You may choose to download and read the PDF, or listen to the audio version of the same content.

The content of this PDF download includes:
Item 2.2 | The Source: About Vipassana Meditation (2:08)
Item 2.3 | Key Concept: You Are Not Your Thoughts (2:38)
Item 2.4 | The Science: Trait Effects v State Effects (3:45)
Item 2.5 | Real-Life Example: Where You Look, You Will Go (1:46)
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